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When to use MailVideo in your sales pipeline

Engaging with clients or potential clients isn’t always the most straightforward task. The role of sales is shifting from “convincing” towards “enabling” the buyer with relevant digital information to make the purchasing decision easier. A McKinsey study on B2B Marketing trends in 2021 showed that only 20-30% of B2B buyers want to interact with sales representatives in person, even after the pandemic. A stunning 99% of buyers said that they will purchase through a completely digital self-service model. This includes single purchases of 50,000$ or higher. (McKinsey, 2020)

A study by Gartner showed similar results. The availability of quality information through digital channels means that sellers have fewer opportunities to influence a customer's decision. Only 17% of the time of surveyed buyers is used for in-person meetings with potential suppliers (Gartner, 2019). 90% of buyers says video helps them in making purchase decisions

MailVideo is a useful tool to hop onto that trend and increase your market share by including personal video messages in your pipeline. The video format allows you to communicate clearly and provide relevant information to the client. You can add call to action buttons to guide the purchaser to more relevant content. By combining personalized clips with readymade marketing videos, you can both scale your sales effort and supply your clients with personalized information at the same time.

Here are five ways how you can use MailVideo to boost your sales pipeline:

1. First outreach – the cold contact

Messages from people or organizations we do not know are often disregarded and deleted without adequately looking at them. We get annoyed by long, boring text messages that we didn’t ask for.

Using video as a channel can give you a key advantage in capturing attention. A short video that is easy to understand is much easier for people to digest than text. For the first outreach, it is crucial to introduce yourself to the counterpart and build a relationship. A short introductory video of around 45-90 seconds works best. While videos that are on average 26 seconds receive the most comments on Instagram, Facebook shared that 47% of value in a video is delivered in the first 3 seconds. (Animoto, 2020)

2. Nurturing campaigns

Video doesn’t reinvent marketing, but it can improve existing strategies and improve nurturing campaigns. In a nurturing email campaign, you release multiple emails based on your client’s behavior regarding your product and former communication.

As these campaigns are usually automated, it makes sense to use videos produced by the marketing department. These clips can be more general and explanatory.

Using video instead of text will make the information more intuitive, and your client will feel more personally treated. A video thumbnail in an email can increase the click-through rate by 65%. (Campaign Monitor, 2020)

3. Retargeting

You can use videos significantly when you wake up a dead lead. That may have been a visit to your website or even someone registered as a user but is no longer active.

With videos from your nurturing pipeline, you can pick up the customer at a specific point in his journey to engage. Other channels like social media can also be used to reengage.

Videos are more practical than text, but it is also easier for the customer to recognize you from something visually familiar.

4. Tell your story

Giving an impression of your firm’s history and values can be accomplished using video, almost as if you were in the same room. This allows you to highlight essential points much more accurately, and your customer also gets to know you or your team better. People are twice as likely to share video content on top (Wyzowl, 2022), allowing you to further build your brand via word-of-mouth.

5. Follow-ups

Closely related to nurturing campaigns, you can send follow-up videos triggered by a customer’s action. A week after orw barbecue from you, one might be pleased about a video on how to get that screw in the proper position, so the whole thing stops falling apart – for example.

Video has a lot of use cases for sales where it can outperform alternatives like text messages. So what are you waiting for? Get comfortable in front of the camera, get MailVideo started, and start building warm connections today!


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