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The five best Sales Tools to implement in your company

A couple of years ago, sales was all about being present at sales fairs, knocking on doors, and cold-calling. With the increasing relevance of digital communication, this has changed tremendously.

Especially during the last years and the Covid-19 pandemic, the relevance of digital communication has reshaped the way we communicate in many ways. Sales departments across the world cannot do what is most important to them as they used to. Talk to people.

Today, sales processes can be accommodated entirely online. To help you implement the right tools to accomplish that in your company, we will present the five best digital sales tools in this article.

1. Dripfiy

Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps your Sales team improve LinkedIn prospecting and, in the end, to close more deals. The unique feature of Dripify is that all this happens automatically.

You can create your drip campaigns, like email campaigns that automatically screen LinkedIn and send messages. Once you get a reply, it is time to take over manually again. This tool allows you to expand your network automatically and helps you find the most suitable candidates.

The only downside is that your first outreach will not be as personal as if you manually send them.

2. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a system that helps you identify, engage and convert customers in your addressable market. It is a cloud-based tool for list building and leading software for talent acquisition, and more than 25,000 businesses are already using it. Z SalesOS delivers tailored solutions for intelligence and prospecting to help sales teams crush quotas.

3. Gong

Gong is a monitoring tool that allows you to analyze customer-facing interactions and deliver precise insights. With Gong's knowledge, you can more effectively spend your resources on aspects that boost your monthly pipeline the most.

Gong analyzes all customer interactions and can send you alerts and recommendations when a specific customer-facing is required. The tool, therefore, allows you to optimize your Sales team’s performance.

4. DocuSign

At the end of a successful Sales process, the signature stands. There are feasible digital solutions that provide legal certainty. DocuSign offers electronic signatures, automated workflows, and contract management, and it is compatible with Salesforce.

5. MailVideo

Even though you can handle almost all tasks entirely digitally nowadays, it is also lovely to see a face now and then. With MailVideo, you can record, send and edit personal video messages, including you, your screen, or both. The video messages will help you boost your sales and build better relationships. It’s your time to become a video star now!

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