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Sell like crazy with video messages

Video messages is a new and efficient way to communicate, build relationships, and close deals. In this guide, you will learn how to unleash the potential of video for your B2B sales process.

Video is a powerful tool because it allows you to communicate with speech, body language, and emotion, while delivering your message in a format the busy buyer can see at a time that fits them. It also allows you to show the buyer exactly what you mean by screen-recording your product, presentation, or walk through an offer.

Together with your emails, calls, and meetings, video messaging will significantly help you grab the leads attention at key moments and keep the deal moving forward.

Once you finish this guide you will know how to use video for every stage of the sales process, and how to feel confident in front of the camera.

Top 3 benefits of video for sales

Here’s the top 3 benefits of implementing video messaging as a part of your sales process.

1: Get significantly more replies on your Emails and LinkedIn messages

Tired of getting ignored? When you send a text-based outreach, your message look the same as the countless other sales emails the buyer received that day. It is hard to stand out.

Sales Teams who use personal video messages get 26% more replies on their emails (SalesLoft), and 96% more clicks (Get Response). The reason is simple. Which of the following emails would grab your attention?

Buyers are more likely to respond when they can see who they are talking to. They will also appreciate that you took the time to reach out personally with a video and feel more obliged to respond.

2: Build a personal connection before the meeting

Prospects are often hesitant to take a meeting with someone they don’t know. The problem is that sales people often rely on the first meeting to build that connection. See the problem?

With video messaging, you no longer need to wait until a meeting to make that personal connection. Your video can show who you are and your passion for solving their problems. That builds trust and reduces the barrier for the prospect to accept your meeting request.

3: Show, don’t tell

It is often easier to show than tell. By using video you can record your screen and show your product, a presentation, or walk through an offer. This is a great way to show exactly what you offer and answer any questions. A whopping 80% of buyers say that videos help them make correct buying decisions!

Pro tip 💡: Keep in mind that the video often gets forwarded to other stakeholders in the buyer’s organization. Use this to your advantage.

When to use video messages in your sales process

Video messaging can be used all the way from from cold outreach to closing and beyond! But it is smart to use videos strategically at key moments to keep the deal moving forwards. Here’s a few best-practices for when and how to use video in different stages of your sales process.

First Outreach

Video is great for the first or second point of contact when you want to grab your lead’s attention and boost your reply rates. Just mentioning the word “video” in the subject line increases the open rate by 19%! Here’s how you do it:

👋 Cold Outreach with Email or LinkedIn

  1. Record a 1-minute video of yourself where you:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Talk about a problem they are likely facing
    • Explain how you have helped solve that problem for similar clients
    • Be clear about why you are reaching out to that person specifically
    • Finish with a strong call to action

  1. Give the video a title with the prospect’s name, and add a call to action button under the video. A great example is to add a button called “Book meeting” which links to your Calendly.

  2. Send the video on Email or LinkedIn together with some text. Here’s a template you can steal:

    Subject: Hi (Name), quick personal video for you!

    Hi (Name)

    I noticed that you work with (role) for (company). Was wondering if you also struggle with (problem)? I recently helped other (same role) from (competitor name) solve this problem with (solution). Wanted to reach out to you specifically since (personalized reason). Here’s a quick video I recorded for you personally to introduce myself and how I can help:

    (video with thumbnail)

    Interested in hearing more over a 15-min meeting?

Middle of the sales process

Video messages can be used strategically in the middle of the sales process to accelerate the deal cycle and keep the conversation going. Here’s a few examples of when video messages works great:

💬 Before meetings

Send a quick video before a meeting to walk through the agenda, introduce the meeting participants, and let the buyer know what to prepare.

This reduces no-shows and makes the meeting more decision-oriented.

🤝 After meetings

Send a quick video to all meeting participants after the meeting to summarize the talk and remind them of the next steps. Keep in mind that this video will likely be shared internally to other stakeholders. Use that to your advantage and adjust your messaging to fit new listeners!

💻 Product Demo’s

Send over a product video to let your interested buyer see what you offer at a time that suits them. With MailVideo, you can record a quick personal introduction and stitch it together with a pre-made product video from your library.

❓ Answer Product Questions

Help your prospect understand your offering by answering questions with video. Record your screen and camera at the same time to show your solution and make your answer easy to understand. This builds trust, clarity, and lets you answer in a quick and personal way.

🤩 Customer Success Story

Build credibility by showing (not just telling) how you solved this problem for a similar client. See if your marketing department have any videos you can reuse, or create your own by walking through the case on video. Stitch the customer success video together with a personal introduction video to tell the buyer exactly how this case related to them!

🗣️ Restart conversations with dead leads

Have you had prospects that were close to signing and then postponed until they finally stopped replying? Using a personal video message is a great way to kick-start the conversation again and get another meeting booked.


When your prospect is close to signing the deal, use these videos to increase you closing rate at the finish line:

📝 Walk through an offer

You have probably had a closing meeting with the lead to go through the offer. The prospect wants to see the contract after the meeting and proceed with signing if everything looks good. Why do you need a video here?

The reason is simple: Those who participated in the meeting might not be all the stakeholders who will go through the PDF you send after the meeting.

Sending a video together with the contract will ensure that you present the deal in the best way possible and avoid misunderstandings. Simply record your screen and camera and highlight the key points of the deal.

🤙 Send video reminders

Alongside your calls and text-based outreach, video messaging is a great way to keep reminding the prospect to follow through with the deal and give you a call if they have any concerns. At this stage it is risky to rely on them picking up the phone. Using video messages gives you another communication tool to reach the prospect and close the deal.

After Sales

🎉 Warm welcome and introduction to next point of contact

Send a personal video message to thank them and give them a warm welcome as soon as they sign the deal! This is also a great chance to introduce their next point of contact.

🙂 Customer Service

Provide video onboarding, product advice, news, answer support questions, book followup meetings, and give your customer the attention and help needed to turn their case into a success!

📈 Book new meetings for up-selling

Retouch with an existing customer and send a video message to introduce more value-adding services you can offer. Video is a great way to ensure the customer remember who you are so that you have the trust and relation needed to get another meeting.

How to get comfortable in front of the camera

In the same way that video meetings felt strange before the pandemic, creating videos might take some getting used to. Here are a few tips to get confident creating videos for sales:

Don’t aim for perfection

You might feel tempted to use many attempts on each video to fix minor mistakes. The result is videos that are both too time-consuming to make and feels inauthentic.

In real life, you say “umm” and “ahh” all the time. That’s not stopping you from having conversations, so why should it stop you from sending out that video?

An imperfect video will perform better as it feels more personal and relatable!

Keep it short

For most videos, you should keep the video under 2 minutes to make sure you have their full attention and that they watch through the video. This is especially true for cold outreach videos, which performs best when they are around 1 minute long.

Start easy

Start out by sending out videos to prospects you don’t fear losing. This help you overcome fear of failure and get some quick wins to build confidence. A great place to start is to restart conversations with promising leads you have previously given up on.

Set a goal of sending out 20 videos

Confidence ultimately comes from practice. Set your self a goal of sending out 20 videos to real prospects to give it a real try. You will quickly find that shooting video messages is faster than typing out those formal mails!

How to get started

MailVideo is a great tool to create and share videos for sale.

If you don’t have a user already, you can sign up for free here.

Here’s a quick video to help you get started using MailVideo for sales:

To get the best results with your videos, you should consider upgrading to premium to get access to:

  • Call to action buttons
  • Video Analytics
  • Team library
  • Custom Branding
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Training sessions with MailVideo consultants

Have a look at this video for more information:

Happy recording!

-Your MailVideo Team
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