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5 features of MailVideo that will boost your response rate

Outreach is about the details. There are tiny things that can make a first impression. MailVideo offers you many features that allow you to perfect this first impression. Here are 5 of them!

1. Use call-to-action buttons

Using call to action buttons can significantly increase conversions on sales videos.

To get the most out of your outreach, it is important to give the recipients of your message as easy a way as possible to interact. With MailVideo you have the option to create call-to-action buttons that will be displayed right below your video message.

The button can lead your target group directly to your website. You can lead the recipients to any website you wish. We recommend adding a "Book a meeting" button that links to your meeting calendar (e.g. calendly or hubspot)

2. Set an eye-catching thumbnail

When you send a video, it's important that the recipient immediately sees an image that grabs their attention. If your video’s thumbnail is an eye-catcher the probability of your outreach being successful increases tremendously.

We recommend selecting a thumbnail where you smile, or a thumbnail of you looking at the prospect's LinkedIn profile.

3. Use analytics to follow up on the right leads at the right time

Sometimes patience is key. Not every opportunity is worth taking it. Here is how to find out which leads are worth following up on, and when the effort is not worth it.

For every video in your library you can get a deep understanding of your audience by clicking on “views”. This allows you to find out whether a response is worth following up on. Did the recipient actually watch the entire video? Or just the first three seconds?

Did she even watch it twice? Seems like this candidate is actually interested!

Those analytical insights allow you to filter your audience and find the most valuable leads!

4. Record your screen and cam at the same time

Focus on one thing at the time! Multitasking won’t lead you to success!

That’s what you’re mostly told in today's business world. With MailVideo you can focus on one thing, while getting two things done!

When you record a video you have three options:

  1. Camera only

  2. Screen only

  3. Screen + cam

Here is why we recommend going with option 3 when explaining something:

Choosing option 3 allows you to get your message across by recording your screen and showing your product, presentation, or the prospect’s LinkedIn profile. At the same time your face appears in a little bubble in the corner. Your smile helps build up a more personal relation by showing who you are! Use gestures to make your point even clearer.

Your brand is your most valuable intangible asset, show it! Here’s how you can add your logo to your MailVideos.

Coca-Cola has the world’s strongest brand with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) of 89.9 out of 100 (Brand Finance, 2019). And what is most dominant in all commercials and public appearances? Their logo!

By showing your logo in the first outreach and other communication you increase the recognition value of your brand and stay in people's minds. We at MailVideo therefore encourage you to use our “Personalize” option to add your logo to your videos.

You can find out how to use all these features in detail in our help articles.

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